Leftover noodles with some additives…


Simply what it says, but WOW, did it ever taste yummy. I grabbed a ziploc container of noodles from the other day, added some leftover couscous salad (with onions, peppers, garlic, etc) and added some diced, Lillydale Sundried Tomato and Cracked Pepper, turkey strips. Popped it in the microwave for 2 minutes and, Presto, Lunch. About 5 mins from start of prep to table.

Bon appetit!


Sorry Everyone…

Sorry I haven’t posted for a couple weeks. Let me just say…I’ve been a little busy.

Our beautiful daughter, Etta Rose McGrath, finally decided to come out and meet us, 8 days overdue, Aug 29th, St. Catharines General, 8:16pm, 8lb 15oz, 22″

Then, on Monday (5th) we had Residential Student Registration.

Today is Friday and, even though I’m on duty in the dorm for the first weekend of the year, it finally feels like things are slowing down a little: Heather is feeling better, Etta is settling in, and Clara is pretty happy with having a ‘baby sister’.

I have not been having to cook much/if at all since the birth,  thanks to SO MANY wonderful ladies in our church, and some other friends. As of today, we’ve been brought so much food, our fridge is almost too full. God Bless you all, you know who you are! All this to say that I don’t have any new experiments to post. With this in mind, and because I don’t imagine that I will have as much free time during the school year as I did in the summer, I’m going to change the direction/mission of this blog. I am now going to do a canadian version of American Eater (check him out on twitter). I won’t be taking a picture of EVERY meal, but I will post pictures of the really good meals.

I hope some of you will still read.

Take care.

(Found this in drafts on my phone, so that’s why I’m just uploading it today.)