Peach Jam…and others too!



So, one of my readers (yes, I already have a few followers….I know, surprising isn’t it ;)) asked about my reference to Peach Jam in my first blog entry. This reader just wanted to know what recipe my wife used, because she had just recently gotten a bunch of peaches from a friend, and she was considering trying to make jam. I told her it really wasn’t too hard, just takes some time to get through the whole process.

Ok, so, now that my long intro is outta the way, are you ready for our big secret that gives us amazing jams? We (and when I say we, I mean Heather – all I did, for any of the Jams, was peel and crush the peaches because Heather was so late into this pregnancy that I persuaded her to let me help) use/follow the recipes found on the paper insert that you will find on the inside of boxes of CERTO and Bernardin pectin. They are really quite detailed, and they include instructions for cooked and un-cooked jams. For the inexperienced canner, this makes a difference in the Self Life–how long your finished product will keep.

So, go for it…make some jam! Enjoy the ‘Fruits’ of your labour…(boooo! I know, that’s just horrible ;))


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