Chicken Strips

Hello readers…sorry for the inactivity the past few days. Things have been busy, busy around here…cleaning, tidying -> preparing for baby’s arrival any day now (due date was Aug 21). Today I have a few spare moments to write, Thanks to my amazing Sister-in-law. She took our almost-3-yr-old home with her to Cambridge for the day (and night) so that wifey and me can rest-up for the crazy business that will soon settle itself onto our home, once again. Heather has decided to take a nice hot bath (to help ease pain) and I thought I would take these brief moments to at least complete one post, for which I made notes the other day. I have at least one more drafted, which will be up here sometime this weekend…hopefully.

So, on Wednesday, I pulled 4 boneless, skin-on Chicken Breasts out of the fridge. The plan for these breasts was for them to be seasoned, and then sliced up into strips. Heather thought this would make a few easy/quick/throw-together-meals for when baby had arrived.

Here is what I did:

1) placed the 4 breasts into a 10×10 baking dish, as-is (skin on, bones in).

2) chose 4 different seasonings (I went with dried Dill weed, CLUBHOUSE Italiano, INA PAARMAN’s Garlic & Herb–really good–close to being my favourite spice that we have on-hand at the moment, and ROBERTSON’s Chicken Spice.

3) peeled back skin on each piece of chicken, sprinkled ample amount of one spice on each breast, layed skin back over top of the seasoning.

4) drizzled a generous amount of extra-virgin olive oil (cook with this as often as I can….love the stuff…and good for you too) over the tops of the chicken pieces.

4) Checked one of our cook books for recommended baking temperature for bone-in chicken pieces, it said 375°F.

5) Now, because I was sort of just improvising, I didn’t know how long to bake them for. I did 1/2 hr, then another 1/2 hr then, after having checked both times with a meat thermometer, realized that it needed another good shot of oven time. So, because we had to leave for my baseball game in less than an hour, I put them back in for about 35 more minutes. (for those not keeping a close eye, this is a total of 1hr-35mins. When I checked again with meat thermometer they registered at only about 5 degrees under where poultry should be. I knew that would be good enough because, from previous experience in kitchens, I knew that meat will continue to cook for a while once removed from the oven.

I then placed the whole dish in the refrigerator.

When we got home from my baseball game, I removed the skin and bone, and then sliced the pieces up into strips (well, the strips really didn’t turn out too well because the chicken was well done and, therefore, basically just crumbled..perhaps a little over done for your liking, but Heather’s family like meat a bit dry. I’ve grown to like it too–even though my true love is a really nice medium-rare steak! haha)

I will keep my next blog (when I put the first container of strips, the dill ones, to use in a pasta dish) separate from this one.

If you try this one, Enjoy! They are tasty!!

Thanks for reading.


Peach Jam…and others too!



So, one of my readers (yes, I already have a few followers….I know, surprising isn’t it ;)) asked about my reference to Peach Jam in my first blog entry. This reader just wanted to know what recipe my wife used, because she had just recently gotten a bunch of peaches from a friend, and she was considering trying to make jam. I told her it really wasn’t too hard, just takes some time to get through the whole process.

Ok, so, now that my long intro is outta the way, are you ready for our big secret that gives us amazing jams? We (and when I say we, I mean Heather – all I did, for any of the Jams, was peel and crush the peaches because Heather was so late into this pregnancy that I persuaded her to let me help) use/follow the recipes found on the paper insert that you will find on the inside of boxes of CERTO and Bernardin pectin. They are really quite detailed, and they include instructions for cooked and un-cooked jams. For the inexperienced canner, this makes a difference in the Self Life–how long your finished product will keep.

So, go for it…make some jam! Enjoy the ‘Fruits’ of your labour…(boooo! I know, that’s just horrible ;))

Chocolate Chip and Banana Pancakes.

Ok, these continue to be the best pancakes that I’ve ever eaten (Betty Crocker you rock my world at least once per week). Yes, Lee, Micah, Greg, Finn, Ian, et al, even better than Golden Griddle’s Kitchener.

We start with the above, basic, recipe and then add things to jazz it up. Today, obviously, Heather chose to add Chocolate Chips and thinly sliced Del Monte Bananas. YUM! And then we topped them off with real butter and Pure Canadian Maple Syrup which we purchased at the Beamsville Farmers Market which is held on campus, every Saturday from 8am-1:30pm, at GLCHS.

So, if you want to have a VERY enjoyable, ful-of-carbs-and-fat, meal, I recommend you try these pancakes.

Bon Appetit!

Hello World!

So, here we go. I’ve just come up with this idea today. I’ve tossed around some ideas in my mind about what I actually want to do with this blog. I’m not a food critic, by any means, but I DO like to eat…if you know me, you know that is true. My lovely, sweet wife tells me that I don’t have refined taste, and that think everything I eat is good. Perhaps there is some truth to that. I will admit that I’m not very picky, perhaps because I was raised to not complain about what was on my plate, and to finish what was on that plate…especially if I wanted any hope of getting any dessert.

You may be surprised, even those who think they know me, there ARE some foods I don’t like. For example, Zucchini, Cucumber (unless they’re pickled), and liver. I ‘like’ pretty much everything else you can find in the average North American home’s cupboard, fridge, or pantry.

Enough about me, let’s get to the food. At this stage, in the first post, I think I will just blog about what/where I eat…if it is worthy of mention (in my opinion). So, without further ado…I welcome you, lover of food, to PHILanthropy of Phood!

Today’s Lunch:
We did what millions of other Christians do after church on Sunday, Went to Swiss Chalet. For those of you who are not aware, they’re really promoting their ribs right now. They have a buy a half rack meal-get a free 1/4 chicken deal at the moment. My Father-in-law and I both got that. Let me tell ya, they were pretty tasty! Except for the one edge seemed a little under-done, so a little tough. So, definitely not the best ribs I’ve had, but not bad for a chicken joint.

At home-made pickles:
My wife, Heather, has been enjoying being back in Niagara for a few reasons, not the least of which being around so much produce again. She has made a whole bunch of jams (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, and peach – my favourite)

Heather’s latest creation was/were Cucumber-Fennel Pickles which she read about in an issue of Chatelaine Magazine.
THESE LITTLE GUYS ARE REALLY GOOD!  Nice job Sweetie. Btw, you don’t have to use what they say to use (fennel, or caraway seeds). For instance, Heather used dill because she knows her hubby really likes it, and we don’t have the other two on hand 😉

Well, there it is…first phood blog complete.  Enjoy, pass it on to others if you DO like it.

Thanks for reading, see you the next time I eat something about which it is worthy to blog.

Bon Appetit!